Industries We Work With

When it comes to Outsourcing your IT, you need trusted Consultants that understand both your strategic goals and the technological demands of your specific field. This partner must have experience integrating industry-specific technologies and applications with an IT infrastructure that delivers performance, reliability, and peace of mind. Plus, your partner must know how to design, implement and maintain unique IT solutions based on your specifications and budget.

  • Financial Services

    Your financial services business needs an IT support provider who fully understands the unique demands of the financial services industry. You need an experienced support company used to the unique challenges faced by the financial industry. We understand that at Future Age Technologies and tailor our IT support to offer the financial IT services your business needs the most.

  • Architecture Firms

    Working at an Engineering & Architectural Firm is challenging, with focus and attention at a premium to ensure that everything is calculated and designed correctly. While technology has become an integral part of this field, dealing with tech problems, maintenance and issues can siphon off critical time and energy best given to the details of the field itself.

  • Health Care

    Your patients depend on 100% uptime. Our healthcare IT support will minimize downtime, maximize data protection, and help you reach HIPPA compliance.

  • Real Estate/Property Management

    More than half of commercial real estate agents are now using at least one form of property technology. Our goal in real estate is to give business owners the freedom to customize information technology to better fit the needs.

  • Law Firm

    Safeguarding sensitive data, we’re here to address many of the common areas you may be wondering about when it comes to IT support for law firms.

  • Retail

    As a retail business, your system must be capable of hosting a variety of applications and equipment that ensures accurate sales, pricing, communications, vending, PCI compliance, security, and confidentiality of data to name a few. That's where we come in.

  • Hospitality/Entertainment

    Whether you’re involved in radio, film, print, or television, we will help you implement the media and entertainment software you need to succeed

  • Start Ups

    We understand the challenges start-up companies face on a daily basis. Future Age Technologies can work with your existing IT staff to meet business objectives, or we can take IT infrastructure and support off your hands and let you focus on running your business.

  • Manufacturing

    Our IT services and solutions provide manufacturing companies with the guidance they need to acquire, develop and manage their technology so as to support their business goals.

NEWS & Updates

  • 22
    September 2021

    VMware patch bulletin warns: “This needs your immediate attention.”

    22 SEP 2021 0Vulnerability Previous: iOS 15 launches with 22 documented security patches – including a Face ID bypass using a “3D model” by Paul Ducklin VMware’s latest security update includes patches for 19 different CVE-numbered vulnerabilities affecting the company’s vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation products. All of the bugs can be considered serious – they wouldn’t be enumerated in an official security advisory […]

  • 21
    September 2021

    iOS 15 includes Face ID fix for security bypass using fake heads

    by Paul Ducklin Apple’s iOS 15 is now out – the very latest software version for iPhones, just in time for the official launch of the new iPhone 13 later in the week. (Yes, you can buy an iPhone 13 today, but only by placing what modern sales and marketing jargon refers to as a pre-order, which […]

  • 20
    September 2021

    “Back to basics” as courier scammers skip fake fees and missed deliveries

    by Paul Ducklin We’ve been warning about fake courier scams on Naked Security for many years, even before the coronavirus pandemic increased our collective reliance on home deliveries. These scams can take many different forms, including: A fake gift sent by an online “friend” is delayed by customs charges. This is a common ruse used by romance scammers, […]

  • 16
    September 2021

    OMIGOD, an exploitable hole in Microsoft open source code!

    by Paul Ducklin The September 2021 Patch Tuesday updates from Microsoft came out this week. The fix that everyone was waiting for with bated breath was the patch for CVE-2021-40444, a zero-day remote code execution bug in MSHTML that was announced by Microsoft just days before Patch Tuesday came around: Remotable bugs in MSHTML, which is the web renderer used by […]

  • 15
    September 2021

    Apple products vulnerable to FORCEDENTRY zero-day attack – patch now!

    14 SEP 2021 0Apple, iOS, OS X Previous: Serious Security: How to make sure you don’t miss bug reports! by Paul Ducklin   You know what we’re going to say, so we’ll say it right away. Patch early, patch often. Canadian privacy and cybersecurity activist group The Citizen Lab just announced a zero-day security hole in Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Macintosh operating […]

  • 13
    September 2021

    Serious Security: How to make sure you don’t miss bug reports!

    by Paul Ducklin Articles in our Serious Security series are often fairly technical, although we nevertheless aim to keep them free from jargon. In the past, we’ve dug into into topics that include: website hacking (and how to avoid it), numeric computation (and how to get it right), and post-quantum cryptography (and why we’re getting it). Helping others to help you This time, however, […]

  • 08
    September 2021

    Windows zero-day MSHTML attack – how not to get booby trapped!

    by Paul Ducklin Details are scarce so far, but Microsoft is warning Office users about a bug that’s dubbed CVE-2021-40444, and described as Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. The bug doesn’t have a patch yet, so it’s what’s known as a zero-day, shorthand for “the Good Guys were zero days ahead of the Bad Guys with a patch for […]

  • 06
    September 2021

    Poisoned proxy PACs! The NPM package with a network-wide security hole…

    by Paul Ducklin Not long ago, independent software developer Tim Perry, creator of the HTTP Toolkit for intercepting and debugging web traffic… …decided to add proxy support to his product, which, like lots of software these days, is written using Node.js. ICYMI, Node.js is the project that took the JavaScript language out of your browser and turned it into a full-blown […]

  • 02
    September 2021

    Pwned! The home security system that can be hacked with your email address

    by Paul Ducklin A researcher at vulnerability and red-team company Rapid7 recently uncovered a pair of risky security bugs in a digital home security product. The first bug, reported back in May 2021 and dubbed CVE-2021-39276, means that an attacker who knows the email address against which you registered your product can effectively use it as a password […]

  • 31
    August 2021

    Skimming the CREAM – recursive withdrawals loot $13M in cryptocash

    by Paul Ducklin You must have had that happy feeling (happiest of all when it’s still a day or two to payday and you know that your balance is paper-thin) when you’re withdrawing money from a cash machine and, even though you’re still nervously watching the ATM screen telling you that your request is being processed, […]


Future Age Technologies recognizes the unique technical needs and challenges that you face. We have affordable service level agreements geared toward specific industries, as well as extensive experience configuring, servicing and managing IT infrastructures that deliver true value.

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