Industries We Work With

When it comes to Outsourcing your IT, you need trusted Consultants that understand both your strategic goals and the technological demands of your specific field. This partner must have experience integrating industry-specific technologies and applications with an IT infrastructure that delivers performance, reliability, and peace of mind. Plus, your partner must know how to design, implement and maintain unique IT solutions based on your specifications and budget.

  • Financial Services

    Your financial services business needs an IT support provider who fully understands the unique demands of the financial services industry. You need an experienced support company used to the unique challenges faced by the financial industry. We understand that at Future Age Technologies and tailor our IT support to offer the financial IT services your business needs the most.

  • Architecture Firms

    Working at an Engineering & Architectural Firm is challenging, with focus and attention at a premium to ensure that everything is calculated and designed correctly. While technology has become an integral part of this field, dealing with tech problems, maintenance and issues can siphon off critical time and energy best given to the details of the field itself.

  • Health Care

    Your patients depend on 100% uptime. Our healthcare IT support will minimize downtime, maximize data protection, and help you reach HIPPA compliance.

  • Real Estate/Property Management

    More than half of commercial real estate agents are now using at least one form of property technology. Our goal in real estate is to give business owners the freedom to customize information technology to better fit the needs.

  • Law Firm

    Safeguarding sensitive data, we’re here to address many of the common areas you may be wondering about when it comes to IT support for law firms.

  • Retail

    As a retail business, your system must be capable of hosting a variety of applications and equipment that ensures accurate sales, pricing, communications, vending, PCI compliance, security, and confidentiality of data to name a few. That's where we come in.

  • Hospitality/Entertainment

    Whether you’re involved in radio, film, print, or television, we will help you implement the media and entertainment software you need to succeed

  • Start Ups

    We understand the challenges start-up companies face on a daily basis. Future Age Technologies can work with your existing IT staff to meet business objectives, or we can take IT infrastructure and support off your hands and let you focus on running your business.

  • Manufacturing

    Our IT services and solutions provide manufacturing companies with the guidance they need to acquire, develop and manage their technology so as to support their business goals.

NEWS & Updates

  • 07
    June 2022

    Know your enemy! Learn how cybercrime adversaries get in…

    by Paul Ducklin Over on our sister site, Sophos News, we’ve just published some fascinating and informative insights into cybercriminals… …answering the truly practical question, “How do they do it?” In theory, the crooks can (and do) use any and all of thousands of different attack techniques, in any combination they like. In real life, however, good risk management says […]

  • 28
    February 2022

    Instagram scammers as busy as ever: passwords and 2FA codes at risk

    by Paul Ducklin We monitor a range of email addresses related to Naked Security, so we receieve a regular (a word we are using here to mean “unrelenting”) supply of real-world spams and scams. Some of our email addresses are obviously directly associated with various Sophos-related social media accounts; others are more general business-oriented addresses; and […]

  • 22
    November 2021

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday – here’s what you REALLY need to do!

    22 NOV 2021 0Malware, Phishing Previous: Github cookie leakage – thousands of Firefox cookie files uploaded by mistake by Paul Ducklin   As we’ve explained before, the opposite (or perhaps we mean the inverse) of Black Friday wouldn’t be White Friday, it would be Red Friday. The word “black” in the context of the big retail surge that typically follows […]

  • 19
    November 2021

    Github cookie leakage – thousands of Firefox cookie files uploaded by mistakeHello

    18 NOV 2021 2Data loss Previous: S3 Ep59: Emotet, an FBI hoax, Samba bugs, and a hijackable suitcase [Podcast] by Paul Ducklin   Remember when people used to upload their SSH keys onto Github and similar code sharing sites by mistake? Two years ago, we wrote about the fact that incautious software developers had uploaded hundreds of thousands of private […]

  • 17
    November 2021

    Apple’s Privacy Protection feature – watch out if you have a Watch!

    17 NOV 2021 0Apple, Privacy Previous: The self-driving smart suitcase… that the person behind you can hijack! by Paul Ducklin   Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry describe themselves as “two iOS developers and occasional security researchers on two continents.” In other words, although cybersecurity isn’t their core business, they’re doing what we wish all programmers would do: not taking application or operating […]

  • 16
    November 2021

    The self-driving smart suitcase… that the person behind you can hijack!

    16 NOV 2021 0IoT Previous: Emotet malware: “The report of my death was an exaggeration” by Paul Ducklin   The Internet of Things (IoT) has become infamous for providing us, in a worrying number of cases, with three outcomes: Connected products that we didn’t know we needed. Connected products that we purchased anyway. Connected products that ended up disconnected in a […]

  • 15
    November 2021

    FBI email hack spreads fake security alerts. Here’s what to do…

    13 NOV 2021 0Law & order Previous: Samba update patches plaintext password plundering problem by Naked Security writer   Well-known email tracking organisation Spamhaus, which maintains lists of known senders of spams and scams, is warning of a fraudulent “FBI/Homeland Security” alert that has apparently been widely circulated to network administrators and other IT staff in North America. Indeed, some […]

  • 12
    November 2021

    Samba update patches plaintext passwork plundering problem

    12 NOV 2021 0Cryptography Previous: S3 Ep58: Faces on Facebook, scams that pose as complaints, and a Kaseya bust [Podcast] by Paul Ducklin   If you use the venerable Samba open source tool anywhere on your network, you’ll want to read up on the latest update, version 4.15.2. Samba is the closest pronounceable word to SMB that Andrew Tridgell, who […]

  • 10
    November 2021

    Patch Tuesday updates the Win 7 updater… for at most 1 more year of updates

    10 NOV 2021 2Microsoft, Vulnerability Previous: Sophos 2022 Threat Report: Malware, Mobile, Machine learning and more! by Paul Ducklin   The November 2021 Patch Tuesday updates from Microsoft and Adobe are out. Microsoft documented 34 different bugs that were worrisome enough to get CVE numbers, while Adobe listed three (the Adobe products with bugs of CVE-level seriousness are RoboHelp Server, InCopy and Creative Cloud, in case you […]

  • 09
    November 2021

    Sophos 2022 Threat Report: Malware, Mobile, Machine learning and more!

    09 NOV 2021 0Machine Learning, Malware, Mobile, Security leadership, Security threats Previous: Kaseya ransomware suspect nabbed in Poland, $6m seized from absent colleague by Paul Ducklin   It’s that time of year again, just after Cybersecurity Awareness Month and just before Black Friday… …time for the latest Sophos Threat Report. We know what lots of you are thinking. Here come pages and pages of thinly […]


Future Age Technologies recognizes the unique technical needs and challenges that you face. We have affordable service level agreements geared toward specific industries, as well as extensive experience configuring, servicing and managing IT infrastructures that deliver true value.

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